What happened to Will Saves?

Latest Hi Adventure comic

Three adventures walk into a Mind Flayer… Hi Adventure is a very D&D inspired comic, Sebastian Leverette does a great job of highlighting some of the lower moments in high fantasy. From the author:

A comic inspired by my recent Spelljammer oneshot. Non-combat encounters can be tough to run without breaking into full on battle. When my players get to the end of a dungeon, I try to have the villain present them with multiple options. Sometimes the villain will try to divide them with hard to refuse offers. Other times, he simply seeks mercy. Choice is the heart of this game and I feel a dungeon’s boss should represent that in its purest form.

If you’ve not read Hi Adventure before:

The King of Trogs is attacking, a zombie outbreak has struck the school and the big game is tomorrow! Follow the story of 3 intrepid young adventurers as they navigate the pitfalls of both questing and college life! Will they be able to stop an angry god and pay off their student loans? Who knows?


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